What we believe

We believe that God is the Creator of all and the Lover of all creation.  The notion of people deserving or not deserving love, welcome, acceptance, or care is alien to us.  The notion of using creation selfishly makes us sad.  God is love and therefore loves all perfectly and completely.  God’s love is marked by generosity.  

We are learning to love people and all creation as God does.  As we love more perfectly, we become more sensitive to the wrong we do to each other and the world.   

We believe that Jesus came to restore the household of God to peace and joy.  We try to practice loving deeply and concretely, as Jesus did, as we believe Christians are to follow the Way of Jesus.  We reach out to meet the needs of people locally and internationally.  Jesus’s love reaches especially to the most vulnerable.  

We are learning to walk in Jesus’s path, tending to needs with generosity.  

We believe that God shares the Holy Spirit with us for wisdom and comfort.  All can receive God’s Spirit fully and equally.  Through the Holy Spirit, God calls people to work and we honor that call.  

We are learning to listen more closely to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and comfort and power.

We believe that the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures contain truth, so we read the Scriptures carefully to learn about God and ourselves.  Christianity has a rich tradition, and we work to learn from what our ancestors have left us.  We aim to learn from mistakes, and consider our experiences carefully as we work to do better.  God gave us memory, reason, and skill, so we aim to use those gifts carefully.  These four things, Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason, provide us with the ability to act lovingly and wisely even in hard situations.  

We believe that the Church is the body of Jesus:  we are Christ’s hands reaching out in mercy and Christ’s feet hurrying to bring justice to the oppressed.  We also know, sadly, that many times we fail in this work.  When we do fail, we must receive forgiveness and turn to a different path.

Methodists are guided by methods that help us live a loving, effective, and orderly life.  The Book of Discipline contains much instruction.  It is not Scripture and we change it, or should change it, as we learn better how to love each other.  The Book of Worship guides our worship, but is not prescriptive.  

If you are comfortable with these beliefs, we ask you to join us!  
If these seem strange or unworkable, we ask you to talk with us about them!  All are welcome.  

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